20 monoclonal antibody doses procured from Australia amid outbreak of Nipah virus

20 monoclonal antibody doses are procured from Australia amid an outbreak of Nipah virus

20 monoclonal antibody doses procured from Australia amid outbreak of Nipah virus

India has initiated steps to obtain an additional 20 doses of monoclonal antibodies from Australia as a proactive response to the spreading Nipah virus outbreak in the state of Kerala. With a confirmed Nipah virus case discovered in Kozhikode, raising the total number of infections to six, including two fatalities during the past 15 days, the outbreak has caused serious alarm.

In the nation's capital, Rajiv Bahl, director general of the ICMR, discussed the issue during a press conference. He disclosed that in 2018, Australia had supplied India with a small quantity of monoclonal antibody medicine. However, only ten patients may now get these doses. Surprisingly, nobody in India has acquired this medicine up to this point. This action is being taken as the mortality rate linked to Nipah virus infection, which ranges between 40% and 70% and is significantly higher than COVID-19's mortality rate of 2-3%, continues to be frighteningly high. Additionally, Bahl disclosed that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is aggressively preparing to start work on the creation of a vaccine to fight this fatal viral disease.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, the Kerala government has announced the immediate closure of all educational institutions in the Kozhikode district for one week, untill Sunday. This mandate applies to all educational institutions in the district, including colleges, universities, tuition centers, and schools.

Nipah virus cases have recently increased, and Kerala is actively dealing with this. By coming into contact with the bodily fluids of infected bats, pigs, or humans, the extremely hazardous infection known as the Nipah virus spreads. This virus is known to cause serious brain damage. In 2018, the virus was first discovered.

On Friday, Veena George, the minister of health, revealed that there are presently 29 people in other districts who are on the contact list for those who have the Nipah virus. This contact list is anticipated to expand, and it should be noted that 17 people who attended the cremation of the guy who died from the virus on August 30 have been placed in isolation.

There are currently 1,080 people on the contact list for verified Nipah patients, with 130 fresh additions being recorded on the same day. 327 of these are healthcare professionals. 29 people on the contact list reside outside of Kozhikode; 22 are from Malappuram, three are from Kannur, three are from Thrissur, and one is from Wayanad.

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