Meghalaya: Locals in trouble as a month-long power cut hits Mahendraganj area of SWGH

In the Mahendraganj-Ampati district of Meghalaya's South West Garo Hills, a very regrettable and troubling scenario was observed.

Meghalaya: Locals in trouble as a month-long power cut hits Mahendraganj area of SWGH

Unfortunate and alarming circumstances were seen in the Mahendraganj-Ampati district of Meghalaya's South West Garo Hills. The Power Transformer of the Mahendraganj Bazar region blew nearly a month ago, disrupting the energy service to the area connected to the transformer, which has left inhabitants in Mahendraganj Bazar without power for more than a whole month as a result of these unfavourable circumstances.

Because of this, it was essential that a qualified specialist replace the transformer's damaged hardware as soon as possible to prevent further harm and inconvenience for the users. The electricity department (MePDCL), however, turned a blind eye to the worries of the affected residents.

The affected residents who have been living without power are now disgruntled with the department since, despite repeated requests to address the issue, no action has been taken by the authority thus far.

Outraged by the situation, the locals said that they were suffering greatly since many patients, including those with critical illnesses like diabetes, were unable to store and freeze their medications. As a result, these patients were suffering greatly.

The power outage has a significant impact on school-age children whose exams are quickly approaching. But these incidents beg the question: If something bad occurs to these patients, who will be held accountable?

Who will be held accountable if students who are expected to take the upcoming examination that would determine their career performance poorly? Would be the MePDCL responsible for all of this?

As a result of the local ATMs' inability to function owing to a power outage, people are also having problems with their financial transactions.

As a result of the MePDCL's negligent action, the people of Mahendraganj's rural community are currently experiencing severe difficulties.

It is a disappointing situation that nothing has been done despite repeated requests from the residents.
If the Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is considered, he is making rapid progress toward digitising India, therefore how is it feasible for these frustrated people who were without power for about a month?

The chief minister of Meghalaya frequently updates his social media accounts with information about recent events occurring in the state, but how are the locals supposed to know where they are cut off from the full picture?

The residents of the impacted region are pleading with the MePDCL to check into the problem as soon as possible and assess the current state of affairs without further delay.

The affected residents shared a copy of their complaint with the appropriate authorities so that they may investigate the situation as soon as possible because they have been experiencing the inconvenience for a considerable amount of time.


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