"Medad Raffy: The Colorful Haven of Dreams - An Inspiring Pencil Store in Tehran, Iran"

Discover the enchanting world of Medad Raffy, a unique pencil store in Tehran, Iran, where Mr. Mohammad Rafieh, the passionate owner, has spent three decades curating a vast collection of colored pencils. Rafieh's love for art and dedication to nurturing children's creativity make this store more than just a business. His touching interactions with customers, like supporting a father's dream for his son, add a heartwarming touch to the vibrant array of pencils. Medad Raffy stands as a testament to the power of art and the profound impact one person's passion can have on a community.

"Medad Raffy: The Colorful Haven of Dreams - An Inspiring Pencil Store in Tehran, Iran"

In a pencil shop in Iran where there are over thousands of pencils in the shop, only the shop owner knows the strategy to find specific pencils required by his customers.

The name of the shop owner is Mr. Mohammad Rafieh who can easily find out the specific pencil required from over thousands of pencils.

Mr. Rafieh has loved drawing and the colorful world since he was a child, and he originally worked for a company that manufactured color pencils.

Mr. Rafieh in an interview said, "I imagined how beautiful colors could be created by combining colors, and how wonderful it would be if there were colored pencils that correspond to all the colors produced, and worked hard with love and passion".

In around 1990, he opened Medad Raffy. Since then he has been handling only colored pencils for 30 years.

He also added ' Many children lose interest in the pencil case when one of their favorites is gone. However by giving them the same colored pencils as their favorite. I'm a child. You can prevent our colorful world from being ruined. The passion and smiles of those who see colored pencils here are valuable to me.

One day when Rafieh asked a man who buys cheap colored pencils every week why he bought them, he said 'I don't have the money to send my son to a painting class, so I use the colored pencils I bought at Rafieh’s shop. I feel that my son, who inherited my wife's painting talent, will be an excellent painter, said the man, who painted Mr. Rafieh’s face in less than a minute with a black pencil.

'I promised the man to continue to provide colored pencils to nurture the art of his children, Rafieh said, 'Painting is an art that must be recognized and nurtured by others' 

The story of Mr. Rafieh is very interesting and indeed inspiring, who helps children to pursue and fulfill their dreams. He has amazed everyone with his unique quality.

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