In the next two years, Apple's AirPods and Mac accessories might support USB-C

In the next two years, Apple's AirPods and Mac accessories might support USB-C

Within the next few years, the American tech giant Apple plans to use USB-C charging for all of its AirPods and Mac accessory products.

The Verge reports that a report by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggests that the corporation is shifting away from its lightning cords. In late 2024, the European Union hopes to make USB-C charging a requirement for new smartphones, tablets, and headphones sold there.
The proposal was approved by the European Parliament last week, but it has not yet been signed into law.

According to Gurman, Apple may introduce USB-C to the upcoming AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods by 2024 in order to comply with the regulations.

However, as early as next year, Mac accessories like the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad may move to USB-C.

The debut of the new iMac and Mac Pro often "coincides with peripheral updates," according to The Verge, and a refresh for both products is expected next year.

It's a sure bet that those accessories will switch to USB-C in their next iteration, according to Gurman. Similar to him, he thinks Apple will replace its AirPods before EU regulations take effect.

According to a Gurman article from earlier this year, Apple has already begun testing USB-C charging on its iPhones, but the technology won't likely be available on products until 2023 "at the earliest."

In this most current Power On newsletter, Gurman restates his conviction that Apple will include a USB-C charging connector on both the iPhone 15 and the entry-level iPad that is anticipated to be released before the end of this year.

Even if Apple switches to USB-C, Gurman anticipates that its use on Apple products will be temporary because, in his opinion, the company will soon add inductive charging to the iPhone and iPad to get around the law as it doesn't apply to those devices.

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