Assam: Woman drowns her two daughters to death

In Assam, a woman drowns her two daughters to death

Assam:  Woman drowns her two daughters to death

In a strange event, a mother drowned her two daughters in a pond to kill them. Later, the woman was taken into custody for her crime, and a probe into the incident has been launched. This incident happened in Cachar's Katikhal Locality, which is under the jurisdiction of the Kachudaram Police Station. Rajina Begum Laskar, and Fatima Begum Laskar, also age 3, were purportedly drowned by the offender, who was named as Ajmira Begum Laskar. Then she returned with the dead bodies, placed them on their bed, covered them with a blanket, and fell asleep next to them.

The family members later entered and removed the blanket when no one answered any calls. When they saw the kids' damp clothes, they began to have second thoughts, and when they checked, they discovered that the kids had died. The event was reported to the police by the locals, who later attended the scene and detained Ajmira Begum Laskar. The dead bodies were also sent for a proper autopsy.

The woman allegedly told someone that she and her husband had a fight and that she had been threatened with being evicted from their home, which prompted her to attempt suicide as well as the suicide of their children. Although the mother was able to escape the incident, both of her daughters died. However, the spouse denied ever engaging in such a fight when questioned.

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