Assam's Active Covid Doubling Every Three Days.

Assam's Active Covid Doubling Every Three Days.

Assam's active Covid outbreaks are doubling every three days, causing concern among health officials in a state where home isolation is generally accepted as a policy for the third wave.

It's unclear whether the virus is spreading because of the milder Omicron variant, but a large number of patients in home isolation in Guwahati's capital and a much higher positivity rate suggest that people may have broken the rules and the virus is spreading at a much faster rate, according to health department sources.

Due to the less severe nature of the disease this time, many infected patients this time do not require hospitalization or medical monitoring at Covid care centers.

They said, however, that due to the way the active caseload increases in the state, it can become a problem in certain pockets, particularly in the capital.

According to the National Health Mission (NHM), Assam on Saturday night (January 15), there are 17,777 active cases in Assam, almost double the 9,253 active cases on January 11.

In Guwahati City, where Kamrup (Metro) falls under, one-fourth of the state's active cases occurred.

Due to the surge in cases, the state health department is urging everyone who has not been vaccinated in the past 12 months to do so at the earliest opportunity.

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