Cuban woman claims late Argentine idol Diego Maradona abused and raped her .

Cuban woman claims late Argentine idol Diego Maradona abused and raped her .

A 37-year-old Cuban woman, who had an affair with Diego Maradona as a minor 20 years ago, accused the late Argentine idol and his entourage on Monday of violence and abuse, including rape and holding her against her will.

Mavys Alvarez Rego, who now lives in Miami, told the press in Buenos Aires how she met Maradona at 16, when the star, then in his forties, lived in Cuba, where he was undergoing drug treatment.

"I was dazzled, he won me over... But after two months everything started to change", she said, claiming that Maradona, who died from a heart attack a year ago at the age of 60, had pushed her into trying cocaine, in turn making her dependent.

Although Maradona died in November last year, the woman's legal representatives are targeting close associates of the former footballer, such as his former manager Guillermo Coppola and other Argentinean friends who accompanied him during his stay in Cuba in the early 2000s.

Lawyers for the defendants were present during Alvarez's statement Thursday when she gave her statement for the preliminary investigation.

Coppola told the media that he was a "witness to a love story" between Alvarez and Maradona, and that no crime was committed.

The former representative of Maradona also said he did not know "that it was an ordeal, that it was so hard" for Alvarez. "At this point I don't have to clean myself from anything, I know how I am and how I handle myself," he said.

In November 2001, Maradona travelled with Alvarez to Argentina to participate in his tribute match at Boca Juniors' stadium and taking advantage of her stay, the young woman had cosmetic surgery.The Argentine justice system has not yet decided whether it will pursue a case to investigate Álvarez's complaint.

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