Cyclone Michaung: Six deaths reported, Schools closed ; Rajnath Singh to conduct aerial survey

Six deaths reported from Cyclone Michaung; Rajnath Singh to conduct aerial survey

Cyclone Michaung: Six deaths reported, Schools closed ; Rajnath Singh to conduct aerial survey

Due to ongoing floods brought on by Cyclone Michaung's intense rainfall, the Tamil Nadu government ordered the closure of schools and institutions in Chennai, Chengalpattu, Thiruvallur, and Kanchipuram on Thursday. In particular, Chennai experiences heavy flooding, which forces rescue crews to be dispatched to evacuate impacted citizens.

Six fatalities were reported on Wednesday, and Arumbakkam in Chennai was still under water as a result of the heavy rain. Rescue and relief operations are being carried out by Chennai Police and the Corporation.

-In some regions of Tamil Nadu, students' half-yearly exams have been rescheduled due to the severe effects of rains caused by cyclones. In some areas, on the other hand, the tests will start on Thursday as planned. Schools in the impacted areas now have the power to administer tests with different question papers in accordance with students' levels of recovery.

On Thursday, Rajnath Singh, the minister of defence, will travel to Tamil Nadu to assess the flood situation and meet with Chief Minister M K Stalin. As a representative of the central government, he will fly over the impacted areas to evaluate the extent of the damage from the recent cyclone-caused floods, according to sources cited by news agency PTI.

On Wednesday, the chief minister examined drainage projects, gave relief supplies, and traveled to impacted districts. In order to handle the crisis, he has also asked the central government for ₹5,060 crore in temporary flood aid. Six rain-related fatalities were recorded by Chennai Police on Wednesday, along with multiple personnel rescues throughout the city.

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