More earthquakes are on the way says expert

Experts warn that there is a possibility of more quakes

More earthquakes are on the way says expert

Following the simultaneous moderate quakes that struck Meghalaya and New Delhi, a specialist advised residents of northeastern and northern India to take precautions and prepare mentally for more jolts.
Professor of geography Mahavir Negi, who is based in Uttarakhand, asserts that there are more earthquakes, aftershocks, and tremors than before.

"The enormous energy that is accumulating underneath the surface of the ground is not being released as quickly as it should be. "The restless energy will try to unleash in the form of earthquakes of lower magnitudes until an earthquake of an intensity of 8 or more on the moment magnitude scale occurs," he said.

"These numerous little earthquakes are a very strong sign that a major earthquake is approaching. This energy build-up below the surface will be released once that occurs, according to Prof. Negi, who advised people to get ready for the significant natural occurrence rather than wait for it to cause harm.

Strong tremors occurred on Tuesday afternoon, causing the Delhi-National Capital Region, as well as portions of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, to tremble. There were four separate tremors.
The earthquake that struck Nepal was the cause of these vibrations. Delhi and surrounding areas saw powerful tremors on January 23 (5.8), March 21 (6.6), May 28 (5.2), and June 13 (5.4) of this year. A 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck Meghalaya on Monday, and Assam felt the shocks as well as other locations in the area and Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

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