End Vaccine Inequity End Pandemic; WHO

End Vaccine Inequity End Pandemic; WHO

In an interview with CNN, Dr. Bruce Alyward emphasized the importance of providing adequate vaccines and global equitable access to supply if we are to turn this pandemic into an endemic. He emphasized that two key factors are required to keep the virus under control: global equal access to vaccine supply and investment in delivery ability to get vaccines into everyone's arms, particularly in low-income countries.

When asked about this, it was claimed that wealthy countries were hoarding vaccines, with batches of vaccines expiring before being used in some developed countries. He stated that these are not accusations, but facts, stating that in high-income countries, over 70% of the population has already had two doses of vaccination, whereas, in lowest-income countries, fewer than 10% of the population has received their injections. And we're all paying the price for this, in low-income nations, we're paying with our lives and livelihoods; in high-income ones, we're paying with our livelihoods and the way we live our lives. Contracts must be executed by manufacturers in low-income nations, and high-income countries must allow this.


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