VIDEO: A bonfire goes up in flames at a Florida high school's homecoming

VIDEO: A bonfire goes up in flames at a Florida high school's homecoming

After a tradition at a Florida high school went horrifically wrong, a campfire explosion was captured on video.

According to the Bay County Sheriff's Office, the explosion occurred Wednesday at the annual homecoming bonfire at Mosley High School in Lynn, Haven, Florida. A deputy from the Sheriff's Office can be seen lighting the fire in the footage. Then there was a huge boom and explosion.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. The fire brigade was on the scene, and schoolchildren were kept safe behind a fence. The bonfire has been a tradition at A. Crawford Mosley High School for at least 50 years, and it has always been carried out in conjunction with police enforcement.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office has no idea what caused the explosion, but it accepts responsibility. According to the school system, any future bonfire or comparable event on any campus is now prohibited.

"Despite the fact that last night's event was clearly a worst-case scenario for us, our usual safety processes and the presence of first responders on the scene ensured that no one was injured and that the fire was promptly extinguished. However, because safety is always our top priority, we have decided to prohibit any future bonfires or similar events on any of our campuses "In part, district officials stated on Facebook.

"The homecoming bonfire has been a lovely tradition for generations of students, and while we're disappointed to see it disappear, we will always make decisions that are on the safe side."

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