Gun Shot at Outside The Delhi Rohini Court.

Gun Shot at Outside The Delhi Rohini Court.

Earlier this morning at around 9:40 am, outside the court the two advocates gotten into intense fight and get physical with each other, during the quarrel between the advocates Sanjeev Chaudhary and Rishi Chopra along with a client Rohit Beri in the court complex, the police officer on security duty intervened and fire to the ground with his service weapon. Which lead two people sustained minor injuries due to the concrete projectiles as a resulting of firing .

s The police officer in security duty as from police report was from Nagaland. Police added, they will start the investigation to find out whether it was accidentally or deliberately shot.

Last year in September 24 Delhi's Rohini court complex was shoved into the spotlight when three gangster killed in a broad day shootout inside the court which leave several people injured and receiving serious questions about the court security in the heavy protected zone. The gangster were enter to the court complex disguising themselves in a dress of lawyers.

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