India's G-20 initiatives would prioritise supply chain challenges and counterterrorism

As India assumes leadership of the grouping on December 1, 100 monuments will be illuminated with the G-20 logo; special public events and a jingle are also scheduled.

India's G-20 initiatives would prioritise supply chain challenges and counterterrorism

According to sources here on Tuesday, India's G-20 agenda will put a particular emphasis on counterterrorism, supply chain disruption, and "unity" in international affairs. On December 1, India will assume the G-20 chairmanship, and the following summit will be held in this country in 2023. According to a source, the G-20 emblem would be lit up on 100 sites in India to commemorate the occasion. Aside from that, various public activities and selfie contests will be a part of the summit's preparation phase. Later this week, a meeting of the member nations and the "guest countries" for the 2023 summit will take place in Udaipur. 

According to a source, the summit will have a wide audience and send a message of janbhagidari (public engagement). Numerous locations across the nation will host the summit. When asked if similar gatherings could possibly take place in Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, and Ladakh, a person familiar with the plans responded, "Calendar is being worked out."

The G-20 gavel was delivered to Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the conclusion of the previous summit, which took place in Bali on November 15–16. The Ukraine conflict, which has been raging since February 24 of this year and is currently anticipated to have an impact on global developments in the coming months, overshadowed the Bali summit. 

According to a senior official, India would emphasise the importance of "unity" in bridging the Russia-West gap on the war.

On December 1, a unique G-20 jingle will be made available for FM radios across the nation. One of the biggest international events to be hosted by India in recent years, the G-20 summit should encourage wider public participation, according to a source who urged everyone from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to be involved. 

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