Infant girl child found dead in a microwave; mother suspected: Delhi

Infant girl child found dead in a microwave; mother suspected: Delhi

On Monday, a two-month-old baby girl was discovered dead inside a microwave oven in the Chirag Dilli neighbourhood of south Delhi. According to Benita Mary Jaiker, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), they received information about the baby's death about 3.15 p.m. and are looking into all possibilities. She went on to say that a murder case had been filed against unidentified people.

"The infant's parents, Gulshan and Dimple Kaushik, are being questioned at the police station, and an inquiry is ongoing," Ms Jaiker said.

According to a senior police officer, the baby's mother, who is the prime suspect in the case, was distraught by the delivery of a girl child, according to the preliminary investigation. Ms Kaushik had been upset since Ananya was born in January of this year. She even had a fight with her spouse about it," according to sources. They have a four-year-old boy together.

The child's father and other family members were at a department shop near the residence at the time of the occurrence. They claimed the mother was heard beating up her older child, a four-year-old boy, at 3 p.m. She locked herself and the youngster in the room as they rushed upstairs to stop her.

"We smashed in the door later and discovered her unconscious, so we transported her to the hospital." Meanwhile, we discovered that the baby girl was missing. "We were terrified since the woman refused to speak about the child," a family member stated.

"I was sleeping downstairs when I heard noises," the baby's grandfather told the media. The baby had gone missing, I was told. We all looked for buildings and alleys in the area, as well as tanks and rooms... After some time had passed, a group of boys went to the terrace and set up a room. They discovered the baby's body in an old oven, he stated.

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