Kuwait Removes Indian Products From Supermarket Shelves Over Prophets Remarks

Kuwait Removes Indian Products  From Supermarket Shelves Over Prophets Remarks

While Iran summoned India's ambassador as a row grew on Monday over a BJP official's remarks about the Prophet Mohammed, a Kuwaiti market pulled Indian products off their shelves.

At the Al-Ardiya Co-Operative Society store, workers piled Indian tea and other products into trolleys as a protest against comments labeled "Islamophobic".

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others in the region, as well as the influential Al Azhar University in Cairo, have strongly condemned the remarks by the BJP's spokeswoman, who has since been suspended.

A supermarket just outside Kuwait City had covered sacks of rice and shelves of spices and chilies with plastic sheets. Signs in Arabic read: "We have removed Indian products".

"As a Kuwaiti Muslim people, we do not accept insulting the Prophet," the store's CEO, Nasser Al-Mutairi, told AFP. A company-wide boycott is being considered, according to a chain representative.

Muslims have reacted angrily to comments made by Nupur Sharma, a spokesman for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Last week, Ms Sharma's comments during a televised discussion were blamed for causing riots in Uttar Pradesh, prompting calls for her arrest. The words sparked outrage in Muslim countries around the world. Ms Sharma was suspended by the BJP on Sunday for expressing "comments contradictory to the party's stand,"

Ms Sharma, on the other hand, stated on Twitter that her remarks were in response to "insults" directed against the Hindu god Shiva.

"I now unconditionally withdraw my statement if my statements have caused anyone any distress or hurt religious sensibilities," she stated.


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