Meghalaya-Assam Border talks 2.0 starts today in Guwahati

Border talks 2.0 starts today in Guwahati

Meghalaya-Assam Border talks 2.0 starts today in Guwahati

The second phase of negotiations to resolve the issues in the remaining six areas between the two states is scheduled to resume on Wednesday, fourteen months after the Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma and his Assam counterpart Himanta Biswa Sarma signed a memorandum of understanding to resolve the dispute in six "less complicated" areas along the interstate border.
Langpih, Borduar, Nongwah-Mawtamur, Desh Doomreah, Block-I and Block-II, and Psiar-Khanduli are the remaining six areas of contention.

The meeting between the two chief ministers will start at 11 a.m. at the State Guest House in Koinadora, Guwahati.  Members of the three regional committees on interstate boundary, in addition to the CMs, are anticipated to attend the conference. Sangma and Sarma would tour Block-I and Block-II districts after their meeting in Guwahati to spread a message of peace and restraint.

The Meghalaya Trinamool Congress, however, stated on Tuesday that it did not have high hopes for the success of the second round of border negotiations.
TMC vice president George B. Lyngdoh stated, "We fear the state will lose out on more areas to Assam in the second phase. The way the first phase of talks was handled," adding that the MDA Government does not care about the opposition, the aggrieved parties, or even state residents.

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