Meghalaya caves extend record-breaking network by over 6.6 km

Over 6.6 km have been added to Meghalaya's already record-breaking cave network

Meghalaya caves extend record-breaking network by over 6.6 km

The Meghalayan cave system now extends 6.6 kilometers, or 6,635 meters, following to an international caving effort that took place from February 6 to 24.

According to Brian D. Kharpran Daly of the Meghalaya Adventurers' Association (MAA), the total length of cave route explored and mapped in the State is currently 537.6 km, with much more still lying in wait to be discovered.

Along with the members of MAA, a group of international cavers from the UK, Switzerland, and Ireland mapped the Muallian region in the East Jaintia Hills district.

The expedition this year was more difficult and technically challenging because all the caves in the vicinity had over 85 m vertical entrance shafts. Furthermore, it takes more than 3.5 hours to travel from the entrance to the last point of the survey as exploration deepens into the cave networks, according to MAA general secretary Brian D. Kharpran Daly.

He said that the trip was focused on the three caves of Krem Rynjang, Pynnoh Um Sngad, and Ram Khur.

The interconnected Pynnoh Um Sngad-Ram Khur cave system is now India's seventh-longest cave with a total length of 14,950 meters, an increase of 2,536 meters from the 5,295 meters that had previously been recorded.

Krem Rynjang is now the fifth-longest in India with a length of 20,445 meters, an increase of 4,117 meters.

The Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs, the Government of Meghalaya, and the Meghalayan Age Limited have all received genuine appreciation from the MAA for their ongoing assistance, without which the documenting of the Meghalayan caverns would not have been a success.

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