Meghalaya court rejects the "grandiose" plan to curb illegal coal mining

Meghalaya's "grandiose" plan to tackle illegal coal mining is rejected by the court

Meghalaya court rejects the "grandiose" plan to curb illegal coal mining
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On Wednesday, the Meghalaya High Court ordered the state government to change its "very grandiose proposal" to send 21,600 CRPF members to 12 districts to monitor illegal coal mining.

A three-member bench consisting of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justices S Thangkhiew and W Diengdoh noted that ten CISF companies, which can operate independently, will be sufficient to stop illegal mining in the state rather than the 160 CRPF companies that are being proposed and will be under the control of the state government.

"For the Central Reserve Police Force's deployment in the state to prevent the illicit mining and transportation of coal, the state has created what is known as a blueprint. The state's ambitious plan calls for the deployment of 60 companies in the western range and 100 companies in the eastern range, each with 135 personnel "a court ruling was read.

"The state has proposed spending 316 crore and more than 58 crore annually on requisitioning vehicles. By the time the state's grand plan is implemented, its coal supplies may be depleted "The bench ruling specified.

Ten CISF companies should be sufficient, given the size of the state, to check vehicles and stop all unlawful coal transit.
The decision added, "Although CISF is engaged in screening vehicles, there is little doubt that it would also check for contraband and ensure that the goods vehicles comply with the weight limitations for plying on the state and national highways in Meghalaya.

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