Medal Crisis: Meghalaya Olympics Games 2022 Faces Shortage

Medal Crisis:  Meghalaya Olympics Games 2022 Faces Shortage

Meghalaya Games 2022, has been started a few days earlier participants came from different parts of the Meghalaya district to join the game after practicing for months and months with so much hard work and sweat, dedication putting their studies aside for some time just to attend in the athletics events. Yet several runners did not receive their medals as the organizers had run out.

Likely, from the first day of this fourth edition of the Meghalaya Games has been complaint for not providing proper accommodation, by parents until the Chief Minister personally intervened.

Not surprisingly another source of complaints was for food, as reportedly smiled food has been served to the participants. Nourishment is crucial to the athletes, they need extra energy to perform in the field but providing not correct nutrients to the body could lead them not fatigue and could lead serious illness.

However, Finely Pariat who is the General Secretary of the Meghalaya State Olympic Association said medals were available but were too late to conduct the medal ceremony.

Will they contribute the medal to the hardworking athletes who came so far to take part in the event and won but have to leave home without any medal that they deserved? It's the next level of humiliation for the athletes who work so much for it, blood and sweat have been run through in the entire month of practicing but in the end, they technically won a medal but when the time to distribute the medal, the medals were runout. This is the question left in every people who have witnessed the fourth edition of the Meghalaya Games.

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