Meghalaya: Non-tribal taxi drivers and traders being monitored in Shillong

Non-tribal taxi drivers and traders are being monitored.

Meghalaya: Non-tribal taxi drivers and traders being monitored in Shillong

On Thursday, the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council's Enforcement Wing and the East Khasi Local Taxi Welfare Association (EKLTWA) carried out a surprise inspection of the business and employment permits held by non-tribal taxi drivers working in the city.
Motphran, Khyndailad, Red Cross Last Stop, Laban, Bishnupur, Polo, Madanrting, Happy Valley, Iew Mawlong, Khlieh Iewduh, and Jhalupara were among the areas checked out.

After a taxi driver and his companion were attacked by some taxi drivers in Khyndailad last week, the EKLTWA recently requested the KHADC to check the licenses of the non-tribal drivers.
The KHADC has also advised the Dorbar Shnongs to pass strict rules to monitor migrants from outside the state who move into their respective localities and to also inspect the trading licenses of stores operated by non-tribals in their respective localities.

He asserts that if those stores don't have legitimate licenses, the Dorbar Shnongs can shut them down.

Following allegations in a segment of the media regarding a sizable number of families from Manipur leaving the conflict-torn state to relocate in Mandarting, the KHADC called a meeting of the Rangbah Shnongs of over 50 areas on Thursday in Shillong.

According to KHADC CEM Titosstarwell Chyne, the executive committee met with the Rangbah Shnongs because the stories of an inflow, particularly from Manipur, worried them.

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