Meghalaya: Seven Suspects Arrested in Ampati Gang Rape Case

In response to a gang rape reported at the Ampati Women Police Station, Ampati Police have arrested seven suspects involved in the crime. The arrests include four initial detentions followed by three more on April 26, 2024, all of whom are from Teporpara, South Salmara, Mankachar district, Assam. The suspects are currently in police custody for five days as the investigation continues. There are still some suspects at large, with ongoing efforts by Ampati and Assam Police to capture them. The Superintendent of Police, Vikas Kumar, has committed to a thorough investigation and prosecution of all involved. Further updates will be provided as the case progresses.

Meghalaya: Seven Suspects Arrested in Ampati Gang Rape Case

April 26, 2024 – In a swift response to a horrific gang rape incident reported at the Ampati Women Police Station, local law enforcement has made substantial progress, culminating in the arrest of seven suspects connected to the crime.

The case initially saw the detention of four individuals soon after the crime was reported. Following intense interrogations and the use of advanced technical analysis, Ampati Police successfully apprehended three additional suspects on April 26, 2024. The arrested individuals, all residents of Teporpara, South Salmara, Mankachar district, Assam, are believed to be directly involved in the incident.

The suspects are now in police custody, where they will remain for the next five days pending further investigation. According to officials, there are still a few suspects who are evading capture. Efforts to apprehend these remaining individuals are ongoing, with Ampati Police collaborating closely with the Assam Police to ensure all those involved are brought to justice.

The Superintendent of Police for the South West Garo Hills, Vikash Kumar, expressed his commitment to the case, assuring the public that no stone would be left unturned in their pursuit of justice. "Our teams are working tirelessly to ensure that all perpetrators are apprehended and prosecuted accordingly," Kumar stated.

The local community has been shaken by this case, and the prompt and decisive action by the police has been a reassuring signal to the public. Updates on further developments in this case will be provided as the investigation continues.

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