Mississippi Tornado, storms kill at least 19: Reports

Mississippi Tornado, storms kill at least 19

Mississippi Tornado, storms kill at least 19: Reports
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According to police, at least 19 people were killed late on Friday as a tornado and heavy weather raced through the US state of Mississippi.
The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) reported that search and rescue activities were in progress in Sharkey and Humphreys counties, roughly 70 miles (110 kilometers) north of the state capital Jackson, ABC reported.

"We've turned on medical support, bringing in extra ambulances and other emergency resources for the impacted. "Search and rescue operations are underway," he continued, advising the citizens to "watch weather reports and exercise caution."

According to ABC, three fatalities occurred in the neighboring county of Carroll, two more in Monroe County, and 13 people passed away in Sharkey County.

During the attempt by rescue personnel to reach the people who needed assistance, TV images showed homes being leveled and rubble strewn across highways.

Malary White from MEMA stated that official damage estimates wouldn't be available until morning, daylight time.

She told CBS News affiliate WJTV that making ensuring everyone is safe is the top priority at the moment, especially for the local first responders.

The National Weather Service in Jackson reported that the "tornado watch has expired across our forecast area" at 2:48 am local time (0748 GMT) on Saturday, despite the fact that tornado warnings had been issued in numerous counties throughout the state on Friday.

The forecaster posted on Twitter that "additional showers and thunderstorms are expected across our area," adding that they were "not expected to become severe."

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