Meghalaya: Teacher crisis affecting SWGH govt schools; one teacher for the entire school.

The government schools in South West Garo Hills (SWGH), Meghalaya, are grappling with a severe teacher crisis. These schools are facing a shortage of teachers, to the extent that some schools have only one teacher responsible for educating all the students. This critical situation has resulted in significant challenges in providing quality education and maintaining an effective learning environment. The article sheds light on the causes behind this teacher crisis, its impact on students and education, and potential solutions to address the issue in SWGH's government schools.

Meghalaya: Teacher crisis affecting SWGH govt schools; one teacher for the entire school.
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With the assistance of Emphul Ch. Marak, the South West Garo Hills Sub-Divisional Education Officer, our correspondent made a surprise visit to a couple of the neighborhood public schools.

To the complete surprise of everyone, it was found that Rimtangpara Govt. LP School, one of the district's government schools, only had one teacher assigned to instruct a total of 101 students from Grades A through Grade 5. 

There were no separate rooms set out for individual classes; all of the kids from every grade were seated together in one classroom. In addition, it was alarming to discover that there is only one instructor to oversee the entire school, and that teacher is currently on medical leave, therefore another teacher appointed on a temporary contractual basis is handling these responsibilities. Moreover, the facilities at the school were in appalling condition, and there were no appropriate washrooms for the children.

It may be concluded that these pupils' futures are uncertain due to the poor educational environment in government institutions. It is apparent that the government needs to hire more teachers and upgrade the infrastructure to include sufficient student facilities in order to meet the requirements of these children. 

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