NASA: SpaceX’s Dragon Craft on Resupply Mission to ISS

SpaceX’s Dragon Craft on Resupply Mission to ISS

NASA: SpaceX’s Dragon Craft on Resupply Mission to ISS

The International Space Station has received a Dragon spacecraft from Elon Musk's SpaceX. Supplies and equipment are being transported by the craft to the International Space Station. Around 8:30 PM Eastern Time, a Falcon 9 propulsion system was launched from the Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39A. On March 16, the system is expected to dock with the International Space Station at 7:52 AM Eastern Time. After around 12 minutes of takeoff, the Dragon spacecraft detachment from the Falcon 9 rocket.

This cargo mission, code-named SpX-27, is a part of SpaceX's Commercial Resupply Services 2 partnership with NASA. More over 40% of the 2852 kg of cargo it carries on board is gear for the station's scientific investigations. It has tools for investigating how microgravity affects heart tissue, as well as tests of carbon dioxide removal methods and an experiment exposing germs and spores to space environment.

In addition, it is transporting station-related equipment and supplies for the International Space Station's crew. After completing some of the tests and removing some of the outdated equipment, the Dragon spacecraft will spend about a month connected to the ISS before heading back to the planet.

Following SpX-22 and SpX-24 missions, this particular Dragon is currently completing its third trip to the ISS. During the launch of SpX-27, the Falcon booster successfully completed its seventh mission.

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