Shillong: Puja pandals not permitted on PWD roads in Laban

Puja pandals are not permitted on PWD roads in Laban

Shillong: Puja pandals not permitted on PWD roads in Laban

The Durga Puja committees of Shillong's Laban area have decided not to build pandals or decorate PWD roadways in order to prevent any disruption to traffic flow.

They assured to send out a sufficient number of volunteers to ensure that the public is not inconvenienced.

These choices were made on Friday after a meeting at the Laban police station. Members of the Laban Puja committees, Central Puja Committee, Laban Dorbar Shnong, and KSU Laban Circle, led by its president Reuben Najiar and general secretary Reuben Laloo, attended the meeting, which was presided over by Additional Deputy Commissioner D Kharshiing.

Kharshiing was deputed by East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner RM Kurbah to call this meeting.

The KSU Laban Circle petitioned PWD Chief Engineer (roadways), KK Mawa, on October 9, claiming that because the Laban area's roadways are narrow, decorations like pandals will obstruct traffic and make it impossible for the general population to go about their daily lives.
The KSU Laban Circle stated that "the erection of such temporary structures during the festive season causes severe difficulties to the commuters and the general public of Laban."

The Shree Shree Shiv Mandir Durga Puja Committee, Laban, received a no-objection certificate from the PWD Central Division on October 6 for the installation of welcome gates and the expansion of pandals on PWD roads.

Before any welcome gates are constructed or pandals are enlarged, the office of the Assistant Executive Engineer, PWD (Roads), must be consulted, according to a letter from the Executive Engineer of PWD (Roads), Shillong Central Division, to JL Das, general secretary of the Central Puja Committee.

The letter further specified that any anticipated welcome gates or pandal extensions must be removed within three days of the Puja's conclusion in order to prevent any inconvenience to the general public or traffic.

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