North Korea might launch an ICBM normally and perform a nuclear test.

North Korea might perform a nuclear test and shoot an ICBM at a regular angle.

North Korea might launch an ICBM normally and perform a nuclear test.

South Korean lawmakers stated on Wednesday, citing intelligence authorities, that North Korea may conduct its seventh nuclear test this year and test-fire intercontinental ballistic missiles on a lower, longer trajectory in order to improve the effectiveness of its weapons.

The remote nation has only so far tested ICBMs on lofted trajectories, but it has already secured the ability to launch them at a standard angle, allowing them to travel significantly farther, the MPs claimed after hearing from Seoul's National Intelligence Service (NIS).

They noted that North Korea might perform an ICBM test on a regular trajectory to put pressure on the United States, which has recently conducted military drills in the area and plans to conduct more significant exercises in the near future.

With the powerful sister of leader Kim Jong Un threatening to use the Pacific as a "shooting range" depending on U.S. behavior, North Korea fired an ICBM on Saturday and two additional short-range ballistic missiles on Monday.

Yoo Sang-bum, a member of the parliamentary intelligence committee, told reporters after the briefing: "ICBMs have not yet been launched at a normal angle, but North Korea has all the capabilities and appears to be setting a timeframe to raise the pressure effect on the United States." In accordance with its prior warnings, North Korea is also likely to conduct its first nuclear test since 2017 and launch a spy satellite this year, but Yoo said the country has not yet mastered the technology necessary to outfit several rocket launchers with nuclear weapons.

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