North Korea reported six deaths suffering from fever and Omicron

North Korea reported six deaths suffering from fever and Omicron

North Korea after confirming covid-19 cases on Thursday, has let out the news of dying six people suffering from fever and one with testing omicron on Friday. Approximately 187,000 infected with fever were Isolated for treatment.

The authorities has been announced the first cases on Thursday and the next day the infected people has died. While experts suspect the virus has been present in the country for some time and it was not disclosed.

North Korea had been an outbreak of the Omicron form in the capital, Pyongyang, and immediate announced lockdown measures. They does not provide precise case of numbers.

However, the official KCNA news agency announced on Friday that the outburst extended beyond the Capital. "A fever whose cause couldn't be identified spread explosively nationwide from late April," it said.

It added with over 350,000 people had shown signs of the fever, though it does not specified the number of covid tests, how much has tested positive for covid.

North Korea rejected having vaccinated which offers from the international community to supply millions of AstraZeneca and Chinese-made jabs last year. Instead, declare to seal the country border to regulate the covid in early 2020.

Having, population of 25 million is vulnerable due to the lack of a vaccination programme and poor healthcare, experts say. North Korea shares land borders with South Korea and China, which have both battled outbreaks. China is now struggling to prevent an Omicron wave with lockdowns in its biggest cities.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had visited a healthcare centre and "learned about the nationwide spread of Covid-19", KCNA reported on Friday. Clarified the crisis as an "immediate public health crisis". The leader Kim Jong-Un has been known for his bullheaded manner and has been seen wearing a face mask at a meeting outlining new Covid rules on Thursday. He informed "maximum emergency" virus controls, which occurred to include orders for local lockdowns and gathering restrictions in workplaces.

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