Rahul Gandhi visits the family of a tribesman who was discovered dead

Vishwanathan was allegedly assaulted by hospital workers and security on Thursday (February 9) after they claimed he had stolen from passersby.

Rahul Gandhi visits the family of a tribesman who was discovered dead
Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, made a phone call to the tribal man's family on Monday who was found dead on Saturday close to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital in Wayanad.

Gandhi, who sits in the Lok Sabha as a representative for the Wayanad seat, spent time with the tribal man's family and pledged all assistance.

Vishwanathan, 46, was discovered hanging on Saturday, February 11, close to the Government Medical College Hospital in Kozhikode, where his wife had been confined for labour.

However, according to Vishwanathan's family, he did not kill himself but rather was attacked by the mob and killed when they accused him of stealing. According to the family, the mob killed him and then hung his body to make it appear as though he committed suicide.Vishwanathan was allegedly beaten up by hospital employees and security on Thursday (February 9) after they accused him of robbing onlookers.

On the complaint of the family members who claimed that he was lynched, a case was also filed in this regard.

Gandhi comforted the Vishwanathan family and promised to step in to address their concerns and guarantee a full probe into the incident. "It should be thoroughly investigated. Gandhi argued that Viswanathan's family should receive justice.

Later, Gandhi paid a visit to the home of a farmer who had perished in a tiger attack the previous month.

Gandhi made this his first trip back to his district following the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Gandhi is anticipated to speak to a party worker rally in Wayanad later in the day.

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