Yoga is made available in Saudi Arabian universities

Yoga is made available in Saudi Arabian universities

Source - ANI

To raise awareness and encourage yoga practise as a way of life for all facets of society, a virtual introductory lecture on the subject was organised for all Saudi university delegates throughout the kingdom.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the lecture, which was held on Monday, aimed to promote both conventional yoga and yogasana sports to Saudi colleges and provide students with a choice of options for practising yoga on university campuses.
Plans to enrol in professional yogasana sports training and compete locally and internationally were discussed throughout the presentation on both physical and mental health. The Saudi Yoga Committee organised the occasion in Riyadh in association with the Saudi Universities Sports Federation (SUSF).
According to the Saudi Gazette, the event was a part of the Saudi Committee for Yoga's comprehensive system of projects and activities titled "Yoga for University Students of Both Genders."
The first yoga delegation to the Kingdom from the Asian Yogasana Sports Federation in India arrived at the same time as the event, according to the report, which also marked the beginning of the training programme for the first batch of Saudi yoga referees. The discussion topics covered professional yoga training needs, yogasana sports for contests and tournaments, and the advantages of yoga for youth's health and physical wellbeing. Additionally, it contained the Saudi Yoga Committee's technical rules for competitions and championships held in Saudi universities.
The presentation inspired the young to enrol in professional yoga training and provided information on the university league and professional yogasana competition system.
The goal of the Saudi Yoga Committee, according to its president Nouf Almarwaai, is to spread yoga widely throughout Saudi society. Therefore, it decided to work with the Saudi Universities Sports Federation to create a generation of yoga enthusiasts, especially among young people, who will benefit from their physical and mental health.
According to Almarwaai, the committee wants to develop yoga teams that compete in local and regional tournaments and grow the number of practitioners.

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