The 65th Annual Grammy Awards' aftereffects

At the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles, the 65th Annual Grammy Awards were held on Monday. Netizens and Twitteratiz levelled up with their humour-dropping golden gramophone moments with hilarious twists of memes.

The 65th Annual Grammy Awards' aftereffects
Taylor swift in Grammy Awards

The anticipation of remembering the event's highlights this year has generated a lot of conversation. In addition to a disinterested Ben Affleck, the performers included Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Harry Style, Lizzo, Doja Cat, Adele, and Jennifer Lopez. There was also a record-breaking number of potential winners while Ben Affleck was still fashionably late. With this year's action-packed entertainment, The 65th Annual Grammy Awards may demonstrate that everything is fun in the moment. Simply said, it was a busy evening for some of the funniest memes to spread.

The Grammy for most enthusiastic dancer definitely goes to Taylor Swift! #Grammys

— Charlie Trepany (@CTrepany) February 6, 2023

Many have twisted their opinions about Taylor Swift's red carpet ensemble, claiming that Joe Alwyn can combat this and doesn't even need to attend the Grammys to be popular. People mocked their relationship with humorous captions and challenged Joe to fight back. Fans' reactions to Taylor Swift dancing along to Bad Bunny's opening performance online were amusing and varied. dropping tags like Taylor Swift Latina to Taylor at parties basically me dancing on the chair to the song.

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