UK PM Rishi Sunak apologizes for removing car seat belt

A brief error of judgement led to the UK PM removing the car seat belt: "Brief error of judgement", Rishi Sunak apologized

UK PM Rishi Sunak apologizes for removing car seat belt
Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, apologized on Thursday for a "brief error of judgement" he made when he drove to north-west England while not wearing a seat belt in order to record a social media video.

The Downing Street representative for Sunak claimed that he had only momentarily unbuckled himself and that he is sorry for the incident.

In the UK, drivers and passengers who are discovered not using a seatbelt while driving can be fined 100 pounds on the spot and up to 500 pounds if the case goes to court, unless there is a legitimate medical exception.

"A momentary lapse in judgment occurred there. To make a quick video, the PM unbuckled himself. He apologizes and accepts full responsibility for his error "A representative for Sunak stated.

The spokeswoman continued, "The Prime Minister believes that everyone should use a seat belt.

In order to publicize the Levelling Up Fund announcements by his government, which will provide funding for more than 100 projects nationwide, Sunak produced a video. As he addressed the camera, it was possible to observe police motorcycles accompanying his automobile.

After a previous video appeared to show Sunak attempting to use his card to make a contactless payment, the opposition Labour Party claimed that the most recent occurrence made for "endless painful viewing."

"When it comes to managing a debit card, a train service, the economy, or this nation, Rishi Sunak is clueless. Every day, this list expands, making it excruciating to keep up with "said a representative for Labour.

It happened at the end of a day in which he was also criticized by the Opposition for utilizing a Royal Air Force (RAF) jet to travel to the country's north. In order to make the greatest use of the Prime Minister's time, Downing Street insisted on using the aircraft.

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