Ukraine's special bravest forces 'Shaman' are fighting across the Russian border 

Ukraine's special bravest forces 'Shaman' are fighting across the Russian border 

According to The Times, "the 'Shaman' special troops are waging battle across the border in Russia." The Shaman Battalion, a top-tier group of Ukrainian special forces, got ready to land well behind the enemy lines.

Ukrainian special forces conducted raids in the deep reaches of the Russian army, particularly on Russian territory. The Times reports that it was the result of an interview with an unnamed Ukrainian military intelligence official named "Handsome" and "Twenty-two", both 25-year-old sergeants at war with the Russian Federation ever since the invasion began in 2014.

The assault and reconnaissance unit of the Ukrainian military intelligence, the 10th Special Forces Detachment, is known by this moniker. It accepts individuals who succeed in difficult tests. The fighters are adept at mountain climbing, skydiving, and diving.

The battalion was known as the top of the Ukrainian special forces and is said to have fought alongside with their American and British colleagues in Afghanistan. Because they are the best and the most daring, "We assign them to do the most challenging duties. According to the intelligence official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, "They are crucial for military operations.

The Shaman battalion's goal is to destroy key facilities used by the Kremlin for its military activities. To accomplish this, a number of covert operations were conducted on Russian soil, when the special forces were launched at night by a helicopter that crossed the border at a low height.A

Twenty Two described a strategy to sow uncertainty and strife among the enemies he sought: "The most fascinating missions are working behind enemy lines; putting explosives behind the front lines, across the border. The Times will withhold some information. "The Russians do not know what happened, they frequently find it hard to accept we were there," Handsome continued.

Despite being numerous, "as always," the squads waited until the Russian soldiers were positioned in the middle of the village before surprising them, engaging them in close combat, and hitting from both sides.

The Shaman battalion withdrew from the village to regroup after defeating Russian forces and obliterating two NLA anti-tank missile armoured vehicles supplied by the British.

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