US urges China not to 'play spoiler' at G20 summit

US urges China not to 'play spoiler' at G20 summit

US urges China not to 'play spoiler' at G20 summit

China has been urged to put its differences with India aside and take part in the next G20 conference in a "constructive role," according to US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.  If China "wanted to play the role of a spoiler" instead, Mr. Sullivan said it was up to them.
After China's leader, Xi Jinping, announced that he would not be attending the meeting, he made his comments. On September 9 and 10, India will host the summit in its capital city of Delhi.

Mr. Xi's absence has not been explained in detail by either China or India. Premier Li Qiang, according to China, will lead its delegation at the conference instead.

The tense relationship between India and China has gotten worse since 2020, when their armies engaged in an intense conflict in the Galwan region in Ladakh.

At a press conference, when asked if tensions between China and India will overshadow the summit, Mr. Sullivan responded, "That's up to China."

"Of course, that option is available to them," he said, "if China wants to come in and play the role of spoiler."

He went on to say that the G20 would encourage China to "come in in a constructive way on climate, on multilateral development bank reform, on debt relief, on technology, and set aside the geopolitical questions and really focus on problem-solving and delivering for the developing countries" with the support of the summit's host country, India, the US, and "every other member" of the G20.

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