Uttarkashi avalanche: Number of dead risen to 26 with 7 more bodies being recovered

Uttarkashi avalanche: Number of dead risen to 26 with 7 more bodies being recovered

The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) released a statement on Friday stating that the death toll from the Uttarkashi avalanche now stands at 26, following the recovery of seven additional bodies. On Thursday, fifteen dead were discovered as a rescue effort in Uttarkashi went on days after an avalanche killed 41 members of a NIM team of mountaineering instructors and trainees. Three expedition members were still unaccounted for.

So far, twelve people have been saved. On Tuesday, four bodies were discovered, including that of renowned mountaineer Savita Kanswal, 26, who earlier this year broke a national record by ascending Mount Everest and Mount Makalu  in just 16 days.

The search and rescue effort was ongoing at the disaster site, according to the NIM statement. The bodies of Kanswal, another instructor named Naumi, 24, trainees Shivam Kainthala (of Shimla), and Ajay Bisht (of Almora), were transported via two Indian Air Force helicopters from NIM's advance base camp (13,600 feet) to Harsil helipad, where they were then transported via road to the Uttarkashi district hospital due to inclement weather.


Other missing instructors and student mountaineers were still being sought after. Devendra Patwal, district disaster management officer, reported that the weather is bad at Draupadi Ka Danda Peak.


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