War with Ukraine has caused Russia to suffer even greater losses.

War with Ukraine has caused Russia to suffer even greater losses.

US experts say the invasion has been very costly with currently more losses being given to Russia than Ukraine. Some of these losses include abandoned armored vehicles, loss of aircrafts, and deaths amongst Russian troops.

US specialists are astonished by the mismanagement of the campaign. One US military study found that Russian invaders have been held up, their tanks lost and Ukraine's Russian-led air force prevented from flying.

But the failures of the first days, including vastly underestimating the Ukrainians' willingness to fight back, could lead to a frustrated Moscow deciding to unleash all its power and indiscriminately destroying large swathes of Ukraine, they said.

The Russian army has been able to quickly advance into East Ukraine expected, roving U.S. military leaders with dash across the border, violating their neighboring sovereign state with impunity. With Russia establishing a stronghold in Ukraine's east, private sector experts are having to rethink their strategy and predict what Putin will do next.

In the first six days of Russian invasion in Ukraine, the numbers exceeded those expected in a well-managed invasion. Experts have risen concerns that Putin’s agenda may not be limited to Eastern Ukraine and that a country may be next on his list.
The successes and blunders of Russia in Ukraine has led many experts to talk about the intelligence failure. Michael Vickers, former US Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, said this week at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that this is a colossal intelligence failure that vastly underestimated Ukrainian resistance.

The Russian economy will be severely harmed by the conflict, as several nations have already issued sanctions in specific sectors. The Russian people, who are football freaks, will have to pay a price for this war as well. Russians, on the other hand, have been barred from all international football competitions by FIFA. In the long run, this conflict will have a significant influence on Russia. Ukraine is undoubtedly hurting, but Russia will also bear a significant cost that it may come to regret later.

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