What happens if Pakistan vs Sri Lanka's Super 4 match is rained out at Asia Cup?

Rain threatens to knock Pakistan out of Asian Cup: What will happen if Pakistan vs Sri Lanka is rained out?

What happens if Pakistan vs Sri Lanka's Super 4 match is rained out at Asia Cup?

On Thursday at the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, a virtual semifinal of the Asia Cup 2023 will pit Pakistan against Sri Lanka. Who will take on India in the Sunday final will be determined by the penultimate game of the Super 4 round. After winning their first two games against Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the team lead by Rohit Sharma secured their spot in the championship game. They won't be impacted in any manner even if they lose to Bangladesh on Friday in the final Super 4 stage encounter. Pakistan and Sri Lanka, on the other hand, do not share this situation.

Both Pakistan and Sri Lanka defeated Bangladesh but fell short against India. The equation is now quite straightforward. Whoever prevails in the contest between Sri Lanka and Pakistan will advance to the championship game. But there's a catch. The weather forecast has been one of the most crucial variables in the Asia Cup because rain is expected in Colombo virtually every day. All Super 4 matches have been impacted by weather, with the exception of the Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh match. While there was a brief break in play during the India vs. Sri Lanka match, the India vs. Pakistan match required a reserve day to be completed.

If weather predictions are to be believed, the match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka won't be any different. In fact, if anything, the weather in Colombo could significantly affect the result of Friday's game.

Since there is no reserve day in place, if the Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka game is canceled due to inclement weather, both teams will receive three points apiece and finish the Super 4 stage, but Sri Lanka will go on to the championship game due to their superior net run rate. The significant 228-run loss against India seriously impacted Pakistan's run pace.

The fact that rain has typically avoided the daylight hours despite weather forecasts is a good indication for Pakistan. Premadasa's drainage system is likewise first-rate. In the worst-case situation, the match referee and the umpires would try to fit at least a 20-over match in.

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