Woman tweets about her experience house hunting: "Every broker asks me whether I'm married."

Internet users were irritated by the woman's post about being questioned about her marital status while looking for a home.

Woman tweets about her experience house hunting: "Every broker asks me whether I'm married."
The image shows a part of a WhatsApp chat that she tweeted while sharing about her house-hunting ordeal.(Twitter/@roocheetah)

People were irritated by a woman's article about her experience looking for a home. She explained in her tweet that when she is looking for a home, she is frequently questioned about her marital status and whether she plans to host parties. Netizens have shown support for her post and have been inspired to share their own comparable experiences.

"Every broker asks if I'm married because they think that since married people have boring lives, they should have a house. From tomorrow, I shall be masquerading as a married woman looking for a house in Bangalore. My spouse will appear as a ghost. He will make sure there are no gatherings or pals who are men," she added. She also posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with a broker along with this. 

Nearly 880 people have liked the post since it was shared a day ago. People have also left numerous comments on the share.

"Never understood this mentality. Why all the fuss when the house will be returned exactly as it was? People rarely throw Project X-style parties in India. The good news is that in BLR, I was always fortunate to have landlords who shared my views. It's the same story everywhere. Every time a guest comes to your house, you must let me know beforehand, the owner was like, in my memory. 

I repeatedly asked him if I had understood him correctly, and each time he responded, "Yes." I remarked, "Bhaiya Ghar chahiye, prison nahi," in a courteous manner. A third person asks, "How can someone expect complete strangers to live according to their dictates just because the latter have rented their house for which the former, of course, would be paying the latter? "Every city and every girl are represented in this story. A fourth person wrote, "My heart goes out to each of them.

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