Long remote work hours cause burnout and job changes in Indian workers

Long remote work hours cause burnout and job changes in Indian workers

According to a research released on Tuesday, one out of every two Indian workers is presently looking for a new position as a result of burnout brought on by lengthy remote work hours. The undiagnosed health problem known as burnout, has had a profound influence on working individuals, organisations, and larger communities. According to a survey by UserTesting, a pioneer in video-based human insight, 15% of the country's workforce cited monotony as the main source of their stress, 20% cited work-life imbalance, and 50% cited workload as a major factor contributing to burnout.

Professionals now have the much-needed flexibility of working from home, which has also been shown to boost production and efficiency. This setup does have certain disadvantages, though. The poll indicates that remote workers are putting in more hours, going to more meetings, and handling more channels of contact. Since the pandemic-induced lockdown, almost 55% of professionals said their work hours have increased.

According to the study, 80% of participants indicated they continue to use the hybrid work paradigm, while 10% stated they work in an office or from home, respectively. Because the hybrid model offers flexibility, 55% of respondents said they can better combine their personal and professional lives in such a work culture. The results revealed that, "interestingly, 70% of Indians stated that hybrid work has boosted work satisfaction." Additionally, 10% of workers reported that their employers were planning social events to prevent burnout. The workers suggested that their bosses make enforced breaks after work hours, care activities for their coworkers, and more precise deadlines.

(source: IANS)

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