YouTube is trying Premium subscription-only 4K video playback

YouTube is trying Premium subscription-only 4K video playback

The 4K video playing capabilities of the video-sharing website YouTube are now being tested behind a premium membership. The Verge reports that some users have noticed that playback of 2160p definition video has been restricted recently and is marked with text as a premium feature.

The new restrictions were a result of an experiment to better understand the feature preferences of Premium and non-Premium users, YouTube has later verified through Twitter.

Although it's unclear whether YouTube will limit all non-Premium users to 1440p video quality, the business is asking users to comment on the limitations so that the Google-sponsored service can "make changes," according to The Verge.

Access to YouTube Music Premium, in-app downloads, background play, and, most crucially, ad-free viewing are all provided by the YouTube Premium subscription service.

According to 9to5Google, during a prior test, YouTube had up to ten unskippable commercials placed on a single video. This practise has earned the corporation a reputation for being fairly aggressive with its advertising.

According to The Verge, just about 50 million of YouTube's 2.24 billion total users worldwide in 2021 were Premium and Music customers.

(source : ANI)

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