In court, a "Robot Attorney" will represent a human

According to the business creating the technology, a robot lawyer can "battle corporations, beat bureaucracy, and sue anyone at the click of a button."

In court, a "Robot Attorney" will represent a human

Although it may seem unusual, it will actually take place in the United States the next month. In February, DoNotPay's artificial intelligence (AI) will counsel a defendant throughout the course of a legal proceeding; this is possibly the first time an AI has ever represented a party in court.

The AI will reportedly run on a smartphone, listening in on court proceedings before giving the defendant instructions via an earpiece, according to New Scientist.The AI's creator, DoNotPay, has not disclosed the name of the defendant or the location of the court, though.

Joshua Browder, a computer scientist from Stanford University, established DoNotPay in California in 2015. He wants to fully replace attorneys with his software in order to save defendants money. The business asserts "The first robot lawyer in the world can be found on the DoNotPay app. Push a button to sue anyone, defeat bureaucracy, and battle companies."Joshua Browder, the company's founder and CEO, asserts that it took a lot of work to educate DoNotPay's AI assistant on case law encompassing a variety of situations and ensure the app stays accurate.

We're trying to limit our legal liability, and if something truly changes the truth or is overly deceptive, that's not good, he added.

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